DISPONIC on the web


Whether smartphone, tablet, or notebook: this browser application is ready for you any time.

Our web portal opens up entirely new perspectives. DISPONIC on the web login for planning and transparency when dealing with your employees or customers. All web applications have a smartphone adapted interface.

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Duty roster and time recording

DISPONIC duty roster information and time recording online

Up to now, you have printed a duty roster for all employees or attached a PDF file to each e-mail. This is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

There’s another way: every employee can view his or her duty roster conveniently on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. And you will receive a read receipt! This gives you the certainty that your employee has viewed the roster. Your customers can also view the rosters in the web portal, if they wish.

The employees can subsequently enter their actual times in the duty roster information. Thus, they have your time recording easily under control. Everything can be controlled via authorizations – for example, who may record times.

Duty roster for operations managers

DISPONIC on the web offers you the possibility to carry out resource planning online and mobile

In the web application, the shift planner can exchange employees, record actual times, and fill open shifts. The most important things can thus be done while on the move, without having to go to the office. No more information is being lost.

Application for leave

Manage your holiday times with DISPONIC on the web online and mobile

With DISPONIC, it is possible to submit your request for leave to the web portal. This is where the operations manager sees it and can decide directly whether he or she can approve the vacation or not. He or she gives feedback directly to the employee via the web portal. Tiresome back and forth by e-mail or telephone is no longer necessary.

Day-off requests

Online resource planning – efficiently with the modules “day-off request” and “available”

Two functions are available that contribute to fast duty scheduling because they prevent unnecessary requests and queries. With the “day-off request” function, the employee enters services or days on which he or she is not available. On the other hand, your employees can inform you on which days they would like to work. If you have a new job to fill, access it. There is no need to search for a suitable employee.

Request planning

A software for staff planning where employees can react to shift suggestions? DISPONIC makes it possible

You create service proposals. The employees select the suitable ones from the possibilities, and register directly there. No futile calls to employees who have no time. Unnecessary phone calls and searching are simply a thing of the past.

Guard book

The electronic guard book allows you an online time registration

The guard book module is connected to the planning in DISPONIC. We do not offer an isolated application, but integrated data processing. The duty times of the security forces and special events and incidents are recorded directly. Individual layouts can be defined. This allows you to react promptly to the wishes of your customers.

The guard book corresponds to the legal requirements according to § 239 IV of the German Commercial Code (HGB). There is no longer any need for cumbersome manual capturing. This saves time and money.


With DISPONIC on the web, you receive all news online – at any time

The employee logs on to the web portal. The template opens. Now, he or she can immediately see current messages intended for him or her. This can be a change in the operational procedure. An invitation to a company event, a reminder of a colleague’s upcoming birthday. Everything appears directly on the welcome screen.