Apps for smartphones


Basically, the Internet connection is not a problem for a smartphone. But not always and everywhere. Especially in remote locations, there is often no connection. That’s why our smartphone apps are also available in offline mode.

Thus, you can still continue working in areas without an Internet connection.

Resource tracking

Time and again, expensive equipment is lost. This causes enormous damage to your company. The app scans and assigns pieces of equipment. Thus, it can be reconstructed at which object something was lost.

This app allows you to track the resources assigned to employees and orders.

Guard control system

The DISPONIC smartphone app offers you the guard control system coupled with the electrical guard book

Employees in the surveillance and security sector must document the specified control routes and record incidents in a guard book. On the one hand, this ensures the safety of the employees themselves and, on the other hand, fulfils the requirements of the customers whose objects are guarded.

Previous technology used expensive, special equipment that also required electricity. That’s over with NFC technology (Near Field Communication). Control points in the form of NFC chips are attached to the object cost-effectively, weather-resistant, and clearly visible.

With a simple smartphone, every employee can document his or her inspection by scanning the NFC chips, as a guard book entry is created automatically.

By scanning the NFC chips, a guard book entry is automatically created in DISPONIC.

Time tracking

The time tracking system via DISPONIC is cost-effective and economical

At major events, the arriving staff must be registered quickly and efficiently. This is possible with DISPONIC’s smartphone app. This function can also be used in offline mode. This means you no longer need an Internet connection.