SHIFT PLANNING for various industries

In the field of security services, event planning, fire brigades, and other personnel-intensive companies, planning and the entire administration of the staff to be deployed is time-consuming and costly.

Many companies work with simple means, which lead to the fact that information is lost again and again, and reaches the employees in a cumbersome manner. For large companies, resource planning is also an error-prone system, even if solutions that work have sometimes been established over the years.

Do you have time overlaps? Do you schedule employees who are on vacation or sick? Are there complaints about exceeding the hour limits? Many questions – one answer: DISPONIC professional staff planning.

Shift planning for security companies

Concentrate on the essentials!

DISPONIC saves you up to 80% of time – every day! Relevant presettings such as qualifications are stored. Through our memberships in the BDSW and BVMS (two large associations of the security industry), we are informed about all changes relevant to the industry, and can immediately implement them in the software for you.

Staff planning for events

DISPONIC allows you to plan the deployment of your employees for events of any size – reliably and quickly.

In event planning, flexibility and an overview of the entire event are of the utmost importance. DISPONIC displays clearly whether all services are staffed, and whether each employee has the appropriate qualifications. The copy function simplifies the planning of recurring events.